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Are Binary Options Brokers and Robots Scams?

This is a common question that is asked by traders who are new to the Binary Options scene and for good reason. It is easy for brokers and trading bot owners to claim huge profits, but they are not all doing so with genuine intentions.

Here at, we aim to review Binary Option brokers (including Forex brokers) and binary signals / binary robots so you can be reassured that your investments are safe and secure. To become a successful trader, you need to have confidence in your trading platform of choice. As long as this is genuine, and not a scam, you can look forward to some great opportunities.

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What are Binary Option Robots?

A binary options robot is a piece of software that monitors binary signals to suggest trades or trades on your behalf. They have become more popular in recent years as a way of traders to automated their investments. For beginners, this also means they can generate profits on autopilot whilst brushing up on their trading knowledge.

There are many binary option robots on the market and, like brokers, it can be hard to pick out the ones that stand up to their claims. The best robots in the market are reliable and trustworthy, but unfortunately there are some scams out there. We are here to provide advice and details reviews on these systems so you can invest with confidence.

Binary Options – What are they?

Binary options are trades which have a binary choice. You, as the trader, predict the direction in which the price of the asset will change (either an increase or decrease). The option is valid for a set amount of time and when it expires you will be rewarded based on if your prediction was correct or not.

Combined with trustworthy brokers and reliable binary robots, this can be a great way to invest and is one of the most popular types of trading online. Many traders have found great success with binary options and now is a better time than ever to get involved.

Avoiding A Binary Options Robot Scam

As mentioned above, there are lots of genuine robots on the market, but equally there are a handful of scams which masquerade as get rich quick schemes. It is always important to do your research before starting your investment and we want to help you with this. Our reviews are always thorough and contain all the information you will need to make an informed decision. We only give our seal of approval to the best brokers and robots in the business.

There are a few red flags you should watch for when taking a look at a binary options robot:

Unparalleled accuracy: Scammers will always claim their robot has 100%, or close to, accuracy. This is simply to draw you in and make you think it is a no-lose situation. Even the best robots which we review do lose trades occasionally. A good robot works based on the fact that it will win the majority of trades and this will outweigh any potential trade losses.

Get rich quick: Similar to the accuracy claims, scammers will always claim you can become a millionaire in a matter of hours. This is simply not true and you should definitely avoid any such claims.

Dubious brokers: What makes a good scammer? Working with other scammers of course. Scam binary options robots will always be paired with a scam broker. The robot itself may work well, but if the broker is not up to scratch then it is not worth investing in.

All about binary options brokers

It is important to note that deposits made via any binary options robot are not payments for the software, unless otherwise stated, but are used for investment capital and are deposited into your brokerage account. This is why it is only wise to chose robots which work with genuine brokers.

There are many brokers out there and the choice can be overwhelming, so we have made it our mission to review these brokers and give honest, unbiased, opinions and thoroughly investigate them. Be sure to check back often as we update the site with new brokers and robots frequently.